Bad Habits You Should Avoid during Weight Loss Program

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Every woman wants an ideal and slim body shape. They are will manage their dietary to make it happen. Some get good result but the others are failed. There are many factors that make a person fail in losing weight. The following are some of the bad habits that you should avoid while undergoing weight loss program.

A lot of salty food

You do not need to limit fatty and sweet food only, foods that contains a lot of salt also needs to be muted. Consuming too many salty foods will cause the disease of hypertension. Besides, too much salt in your body make body fluids stuck. Fluid in the body will make your body weight hard to decrease.


Cortisol hormone during stress will stimulate appetite, slow down your body metabolism, and increase the buildup of fat in the abdomen. Do relaxation, such as listening to music, laughing, doing yoga, massaging, or a walking in the outdoors to reduce stress. Perform one of these activities at least 10 – 15 minutes each day to keep your mind fresh again and ready to do more daily activities.

Often stay up late

A study suggests that sleep deprivation increases a hormone that triggers hunger and decrease the sense of satiety hormones. Another study added that people who sleep less than four hours a day had a chance of suffering from obesity, 73% higher than those who slept 7-8 hours per day. The hunger that appeared at mid night when someone is staying up late cause them to snack and they will experience weight gain unconsciously.

Doing other activity during eating

Eating food while watching television, reading books, or typing on a computer makes you unable to enjoy the food. Finally, you are easily tempted to take more food. If you are doing other activities while eating, brain gives signals of fullness slower than when you just do eating. Calories which are in the body are eventually difficult to control. So to enjoy your meal, always have time to eat at the dinner table without doing multi activities.

Avoid milk

Women who consume fat-free yogurt, cheese, or low-fat milk 3-4 times a day is able to expel 70% fat from her body. Calcium from milk acts to instruct the body to burn excessive fat. Drink a glass of fat-free milk at breakfast, a glass of low-fat yogurt in the daytime, and a glass of fat-free milk in the afternoon to make your weight loss program successful and meet the needs of calcium for healthy bones and teeth.

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