How to Stay Healthy and Fit During Menstrual Period

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Woman often experience unfit body, up and down mood, stomach pains, and cramps when their menstrual period comes. But quietly, you can handle it because pain during menstruation is a normal thing, as long as you can still do daily activity. However, the pain is sometimes distracting and making concentration decreased. In order for the activities you do are not disturbed during menstruation, here are some things you need to do.

Get ready before your menstrual period

For most women, menstrual period arrived with a regular time every month. Therefore, by realizing when you get your period, you will be easier to deal with menstruation. You also can estimate when you will feel the pain of menstruation so that you can watch with the consuming pain reliever drug that has been recommended by your doctor.

Consume more iron

During menstruation, women are more often affected by anemia or a lack of red blood cells. It makes them go weak, blurred vision, or even fainting. Therefore, consumption of foods that contain lots of iron, such as red meat, chicken livers, beans and spinach is needed.

Minimize the consumption of foods containing salt

Women often feel their bodies get bloated and weight goes up when menstruating. This happens because the hormone asks the body to bind more water during the period of menstruation. You can reduce the effects of the bloated body by reducing salt consumption. Salt can bind more bodily fluids. Foods contain a lot of salt such as chips or instant noodles.

Control your emotions during menstruation

It is so normal when ladies have unstable emotion during their period. But let’s not spoil it. Try to control your mind and mood so you can escape from the stress and depression that occurs due to the instability of the emotions. A stable emotion can also be prepared to face the pain of menstruation.

Do not get dehydrated

During menstruation, you will release more fluids. Therefore, make sure you drink more liquid. Drink plain water or consume the fruits containing a lot of water. Avoid fizzy drinks or coffee that can make your stomach feels bloated and uncomfortable.

Sleep regularly, avoid staying up late

When you experience uncomfortable condition because of your period, your body needs enough rest because it will tend to more quickly get tired and sore. Sleep may help reduce pain. Avoid staying up and sleep at least 7 hours while you are menstruating.

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