The 5 Healthy Tips to Gain Weight

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Underweight or skinny is as dangerous as overweight or obesity). Body health in general can be maintained by keeping the weight in order to stay within the limits of healthy and normal. To get healthy and normal weight, you should do in a right way. Raising the weight is not done with just take all food carelessly, as it can in fact give rise to health problems. Make a plan of the program to gain weight and then run it consistently. In addition, follow some of the tips below.

Do not skip breakfast

Breakfast will add energy to the body so that you are ready to run the activities as well as to increase the focus. By considering the weight increase program, take the kinds of foods that contain a lot of protein and nutrients, such as bread, fresh juice, milk, eggs, fruits and vegetables. Breakfast will not only give you the calories as fuel to do activities but also keep the body’s metabolism remains smooth.

Drink plain water

Many people are not concerned with drinking water and they prefer to drink carbonated beverages. The drinks contain chemical substances that may be harmful to the body. Start from now, drink plain water especially in the morning. More water you consume, the body will be healthier and ultimately the digestive process in the body is improved so that it can better absorb the nutrients of the food perfectly. Just consume 8 glasses of plain water per day to prevent dehydration.


Having meals three times per day is a must to support the program of weight gain, but do not forget to paste two time snack in between. Not indiscriminate, but snacks which are indeed to improve weight healthily. Try to consume these snacks such as cheese, cereal which is fortified with nutrients, yogurt, whole wheat crackers, or bread.

Do exercise

Join fitness programs to promote weight gain could be the best way. The program would provide stimulation on muscle tissue so that it can flourish or grow. These activities will also help bones to absorb more calcium so that they become stronger and healthier.

Avoid drinking before eating

Avoiding drinking before eating is recommended for those who are currently undergoing weight loss program, but it is not good to get more weight. Consume a lot of water can make your stomach full in advance so that you will reduce food portion because it has already filled by water you drink before.

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